SHP Primaflex have been producing products, solutions and systems specially manufactured to meet the needs of our customers for over 30 years, as well as offering a comprehensive standard range of products. They pride ourselves on our service and the professional advice that we offer and can draw on decades of experience across all the application areas for technical hoses.

Making Everything Possible

If you can not find the hose you are looking for in our catalogue, please enquire with us anyway. If it exists, we like to think that we will be able to find it for you.

Reliability and Safety

Your enquires and orders are processed quickly and with a great deal of care. All our work is carried out in accordance with the latest quality standards and we are a certified company.
We only deliver the very best quality after thorough inspections. Our products have been designed to carry out their tasks reliably and safely in almost all areas of trade and industry.

Flexible and Innovative

We take a great deal of satisfaction in being able to adapt to your needs and can provide you with individual solutions from our product range or develop new special tailor-made products when necessary. Be it large-scale production or the manufacture and delivery of very small numbers, we can supply both.

Quick and On Time

Our comprehensive warehouse and intelligent logistic systems have been designed to make sure that parts can be made available quickly and that delivery is punctual. We can provide over-night and other express delivery services, in Germany and worldwide.

Made in Germany

For your benefit. We produce a large majority of our products in Germany. For good reason.

SHP Quality Guarantee

Good products do not have to be expensive. A great deal of care is taken to make sure that only the very best materials and years of experience and know-how are put into making our products. We are also very competitive. Ask us to quote for your needs.