Plant managers and maintenance personnel are facing tougher demands in the construction, maintenance, and upgrade of processing systems. The performance expectations for these systems are much higher than they were just 10 years ago, in part due to stricter industry standards and stronger competitive forces that are prompting companies to examine how they can enhance cost effectiveness while achieving peak operating efficiencies.

System leaks that were once considered nuisances now can be classified as fugitive emissions and hazardous spills, the end result of which can be costly shutdowns and repairs. In addition, technological advancements are pushing pressures, flows, and temperatures to new heights and putting even more stress on fluid systems.

A good reliable tubing system, however, offers bottom-line benefits in the form of increased efficiency, reduced maintenance downtime, improved performance, and greatly enhanced protection against environmental problems and consequences. Furthermore, tubing can more than meet the tougher demand facing today’s plants and contribute to the greener environment.

Although the operational landscape has changed and continues to evolve, the basic concepts of assembling and maintaining these systems have remained the same.

SHP PrimaFlex: A leading supplier of technical hoses for over 40 years. The standard product range covers all conventional products and most fields of application. The right product for all applications: when it comes to hoses, we know virtually no limits. Quality, reliability and committed service – this is what you get from people who work for you at SHP Primaflex. Large-scale production, small-scale production, even individual pieces-SHP Primaflex will be pleased to advise you and will support you with innovative solutions.

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Riegler (Germany): An Industry Leading Manufacturer of Air Tool Accessories and Air Line Controls. The range is from hose and tubing to blowguns to FRLs to quick disconnects with unsurpassed quality, superior product design, outstanding customer service, and a vast array of products.

1 Air tool accessories and airline controls manufacturing
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Zeus (USA): A leader in the development and production of high-performance fluoropolymer tubing, as well as providing innovation in post-production finishing and strategic supply initiatives for the past 40 years.

1 Precision high performance extruded tubing manufacturing
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