Pneumatics and Automation Solution:

In today’s industrial environment, the quest for greater efficiency, productivity, quality control and inventory management is practically universal. As a result, the need for more efficient control of automation is increasing dramatically by ensuring the right sizing for the right components with the desired air regulation needed for the job.

Properly sized components are a prerequisite for low-energy consumption. Yet it’s still common practice for companies to oversize components to build in a margin of “safety.” Over-sizing unnecessarily increases air consumption, and larger systems cost more to purchase and operate than properly sized ones. They are also heavier and bigger, issues when weight is critical or mounting space is at a premium.

In a typical installation, by using compact and economical designs with correctly sized cylinders and valves, there is a good 15% of the air volume saved and optimized nominal flows. That equates to energy savings of 15%.

Pneumatic systems frequently waste energy by supplying higher pressure than an actuator needs. Supplying the right pressure for each task, using pressure regulators, can lower energy consumption by more than 25%.

There is a misconception that increase of supply pressure on regulators will improve performance, but this wastes significant amounts of money in air and operating costs for no actual benefit – if components are sized correctly. It is important to monitor and ensure machine pressure remains within designated limits to avoid wasting energy.

Every pneumatic system can save energy by avoiding leaks. Valves and deteriorated seals are two common sources. Some valve designs, such as lapped-spool valves with metal seals, have inherent internal leakage that is constant as long as air is supplied to the valve. Switching to comparable valves with soft seals can significantly reduce leakage. Another source of leaks is industrial seals attacked by chemicals in the air system. If standard Buna seals degrade, switch to HNBR, Viton, PTFE, or polyurethane.

Advanced Technology Product (ATP USA): A market leader in manufacturing and providing tubing solutions to the automation and general industries. The tubing product material covered Polyurethane, PE, PVDF, Teflon, PVC, PA, Nylon and others.

The tubing could be customized in reels, coils, Electro-Static Discharge (ESD), Food-Grade (FDA) and other forms.

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Riegler (Germany): One of Germany’s largest suppliers of pneumatics products. For more than 40 years, Riegler has served its customers as an innovative partner for “Pneumatics, ideas and more”. In addition to a comprehensive and regularly extended portfolio of products, it also offer genuine added value, for example in the form of custom-made special products, service support, training, personal consulting and a generous goodwill policy.

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