02 Mar 2015
MSI Award

At first glance, one might be fooled by the youthful exuberance of Mt Alvin Huang, but he is more experience than he looks. Not many can juggle marriage, a MBA program and the setting up of an establishment concurrently – not many, but the Managing Director of Min Shang Holdings Pte Ltd.

We are proud to announce of the company inclusion to the edition of the 2010 Successful Entrepreneur.

This publication focuses on the true stories of many fellow Singaporeans who embarked on new enterprises – at times off the beaten track- depending on their aptitude. They braved hardships like financial loss andridicule, and at times, their own drop in self – confidence. Often they were battered by unpredictable risks like our recent economic crisis. Yet these entrepreneurs with fire in their belly and passion for their dream, often within a hairbreadth of failure, persevering through thick and thin – went on to achieve their dreams.

This publication would also serve as a platform for giving due recognition to organisations and individuals demonstrating outstanding entrepreneurial performance of their talents at various levels and standards of achievement.

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